Gum Health Day 2019

‘Healthy gums, beautiful smile’

Gum Health Day 2019 on May 12 seeks to raise public awareness of the importance of periodontal health not only to overall health but also to aesthetics, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

GHD will bring information to millions of people who may not be fully aware of the impact of gingivitis, periodontitis, halitosis, and peri-implantitis on how they are perceived by others.

Gum Health Day 2019 is the sixth EFP-promoted annual awareness day organised by the national perio societies. This initiative is now global and not merely European in its reach and impact.

Last year’s Gum Health Day 2018, using the slogan “Health begins with healthy gums”, was joined by 41 national perio societies from four continents – 29 EFP-affiliated societies and 12 from Latin America. They organised a wide range of public-awareness activities, including free periodontal screenings, and generated a large amount of media coverage.